Ensuring Security



Quest Text:
I’ve arrived in the city of Vulkhel Guard, gateway to Auridon. Security is tight as Queen Ayrenn, the new leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, prepares for a public appearance.

Part of:
Vulkhel Guard Objective
First objective:
I should speak to Watch Captain Astanya at the docks.

  • Talk to <<1>>
  • Talk to <<1>>
At the start of the quest you can choose to speak with Advisor or Steward first. Next steps send you to both NPCs.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Steward Eminwe sends you to find Supplies for tampering. It is a poisoned Meat in one of the crates.

Deployment Plans that you should find for Advisor Norion is on ground, inside Warehouse, just behind Advisor Norion.

Soon enough Watch Captain Astanya sends you to talk with Watchman Heldil.

This brings you to the end of this quest where you find about an awful true about acts against the Queen.

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