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Creating TESO Dark Anchors in Tamriel

TESO Dark Anchors
Dark Anchors are the key ingredient in the dark plan of Deadric Prince Molag Bal to pull Tamriel into Oblivion. They can be found all throughout the world of Tamriel and their presence will bring despair and darkness in each part of the world. The player and hi, or hers, allies will have chance to send them back to Oblivion, where they belong, saving thousands of innocent souls by accomplishing this task.
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Morrowind was the first Elder Scrolls game I played. Prior to that I did not play many RPG games, but a friend of mine highly suggested Morrowind so I tried it out. Several months later I was still playing Morrowind. Feeling of entering a massive, dynamic and vibrant fantasy world with its rules and secrets and hidden gems of adventure scattered all over the place is what I remember my sessions with the game as. I have spent many hours playing RPG games since, always looking for that feeling of traversing a fantasy world that Morrowind was so good at providing. I sometimes found it, but mostly I did not. Even Oblivion, the next game in the Elder Scrolls series did not provide me with that Morrowind feeling. It felt a little blend in comparison and I only played through the main storyline before moving onto other games. Luckily, Skyrim came out and brought back that whole enormous world feeling.

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