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TESO Beta NDA is lifted

TESO NDA beta lifted
Official TESO page has invited everyone to post their opinions and thoughts about The Elder Scrolls Online as TESO Beta NDA has been lifted.
You can expect that there will be no shortage of posts, videos and streams from the beta in a near future, as Zenimax Online Studios with this move gave permission to all player to share content from all of the next TESO betas which were also confirmed in this post.
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Creating TESO Dark Anchors in Tamriel

TESO Dark Anchors
Dark Anchors are the key ingredient in the dark plan of Deadric Prince Molag Bal to pull Tamriel into Oblivion. They can be found all throughout the world of Tamriel and their presence will bring despair and darkness in each part of the world. The player and hi, or hers, allies will have chance to send them back to Oblivion, where they belong, saving thousands of innocent souls by accomplishing this task.
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Press opinion about what TESO does right and wrong

TESO press beta first impressions
No matter if it’s winter or summer in your part of the globe, this day definitely reached scorching hot temperature for all Elder Scrolls fans. NDA for TESO was partially lifted today, as Zenimax allowed members of the media to post their first thoughts of the game. We collected some of the TESO press first impressions in this article, but whether you will trust them or not, it’s entirely up to you.
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Possible TESO NDA lift on Friday

Possible TESO NDA lift
Youtube channel CVG teased some big news about The Elder Scrolls Online in their The Week Ahead show which you can see here. In the video it is said that they will release something “massively exciting” about ESO on Friday, but they weren’t keen on saying more.
Of course, that didn’t stop the “rumor mill” from running at full speed. There are already many guesses about what will be shown, out of which TESO NDA lift and the release of media beta videos currently sound most likely.
Adding to this theory is post by another gaming web-site, Game Zone, which announced that they will release preview of TESO on Friday. This led many to believe that maybe some new gameplay videos will be included in the article.
While this might be pure coincidence and currently we can’t be sure whether TESO NDA lift will occur this week or not, it is certainly still too early for the Open Beta, so don’t get your hopes too high.

TESO Imperial Edition unboxing

Shortly after The Elder Scrolls Online pre-order started, Zenimax Online Studio decided to showcase the premium package – The Imperial Edition.
We already saw the content of the package here, and the main differences between physical and digital copies of the game, but now we have a better insight into what is actually inside the box.
TESO Imperial Edition will have different price tag depending on the version: a digital copy will cost $79.99, 69.99 GBP or 79.99 EUR, and a physical copy will be worth $99.99, 89.99 GBP and 99.99 EUR. You can check the video bellow:

TESO pre-order has started, release date for next-gen is confirmed

TESO preorder
Starting today, The Elder Scrolls Online is offered for pre-order on official TESO web-site. The game is offered in two packages: Digital Standard Edition, at the price of $59.99, 39.99 GBP or 54.99 EUR, and Digital Imperial Edition, which will cost $79.99, 69.99 GBP or 79.99 EUR.
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TESO Cast is an impressive line up of world-class actors

TESO cast announced
After the long awaited new gameplay video, Bethesda stunned us with another incredible announcement.
Today they revealed the voice cast for The Elder Scrolls Online and, well, there’s certainly more than one actor in that line up that you know and love. On the announced TESO cast list there are John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Alfred Molina, Lynda Carter, Michael Gambon, Malcom McDowell, Peter Stormare, Jim Ward, Jennifer Hale and Kevin Michael Richardson, among others.
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The Elder Scrolls Online rated Mature

TESO mature rating
TESO was today marked with “Mature” rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Bethesda’s new MMORPG got this rating for having some of this elements in the game: blood and gore, violence and sexual themes, strong language or use of drugs and alcohol.
In a public statement, developer ZeniMax said that they aren’t satisfied with the decision, but confirmed that they plan to honour this decision by the ESRB. This is the complete announcement from the official TESO facebook page:

The ESRB advised us that it has given The Elder Scrolls Online a Mature rating. While we may disagree with the ESRB’s determination, we do not plan to challenge the rating, and we are unwilling to change the game’s content to achieve a different rating. The game we have created is the one we want our fans to be able to play.

As a result of the ESRB rating, we are in the process of promptly updating everything with the required rating and age gates, including game trailers, web sites, and ads. Thanks for your understanding. We can’t wait to welcome players into The Elder Scrolls Online soon.

Fans already started supporting the developer in a decision not to make changes to the game in order to obtain different rating. This way, ESO will be one of the few MMORPG titles to have Mature rating, which creates a question – how will that really reflect on age structure of players?