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TESO Beta NDA is lifted

TESO NDA beta lifted
Official TESO page has invited everyone to post their opinions and thoughts about The Elder Scrolls Online as TESO Beta NDA has been lifted.
You can expect that there will be no shortage of posts, videos and streams from the beta in a near future, as Zenimax Online Studios with this move gave permission to all player to share content from all of the next TESO betas which were also confirmed in this post.
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Possible TESO NDA lift on Friday

Possible TESO NDA lift
Youtube channel CVG teased some big news about The Elder Scrolls Online in their The Week Ahead show which you can see here. In the video it is said that they will release something “massively exciting” about ESO on Friday, but they weren’t keen on saying more.
Of course, that didn’t stop the “rumor mill” from running at full speed. There are already many guesses about what will be shown, out of which TESO NDA lift and the release of media beta videos currently sound most likely.
Adding to this theory is post by another gaming web-site, Game Zone, which announced that they will release preview of TESO on Friday. This led many to believe that maybe some new gameplay videos will be included in the article.
While this might be pure coincidence and currently we can’t be sure whether TESO NDA lift will occur this week or not, it is certainly still too early for the Open Beta, so don’t get your hopes too high.