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In The Roots Of The Hallows Skyshard

This is inside the “Bad Man’s Hallows” Public Dungeon, southeastern Glenumbra, next to Daggerfall.

Once you enter the dungeon, find and enter the portal in its southwestern part. I assume this portal takes you to the underground part of Bad Man’s Hallows. This is where our skyshard is located. Follow the path to your right. At the first intersection, go right. If you’ve been careful enough, you should spot the shard’s glow on your right side soon enough. It is located in a small gap. You have to jump toward it, in order to be able to grab it.

Enter Bad Man’s Hallows dungeon.

Use the portal found within the first area.

The shard’s Map Location might appear like it is in the lower tunnel, but it is not.

One thought on “In The Roots Of The Hallows Skyshard

  1. Haggar

    Hi, your location for skyshard 16 in glenumbra is wrong. Its been moved to a different slightly harder to stumble upon location within bad mans hollow. Hope you fix it, cheers


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