ESO Stonefalls & Skyrim Time Breach Locations – Breaches of Frost & Fire Quest

Breaches of Frost and Fire is the third quest in the Psijic Order quest line in Elder Scrolls: Online. It will take you on a journey through Stonefalls and Skyrim, where you’ll have to find and seal nine time breaches. After you do, you’ll advance to the third level of the Psijic Order, and get the next part of the Psijic Regulator achievement / trophy, called Psijic Regulator. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete ESO Breaches of Frost & Fire quest, where to find all time breaches in Stonefalls and Skyrim.

ESO Summerset Psijic Map of Morrowind and Skyrim

Eastmarch Time Breach Locations

No. 1

ESO Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest

The first one is near the center of the map, at the center of Wittestadr. This settlement is northwest from the Logging Camp Wayshrine, northeast from the Wittestadr Wayshrine. When you reach the area, just head toward the PoI and you’ll find it.

No. 2

ESO Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest Eastmarch Breach Locations

Head to western Eastmarch, aiming for a spot between Thane Jeggi’s Drinking Hole to the east and Cradlecrush to the west. The closest Wayshrines are the Fort Morvunskar to the north and Cradlecrush to the west. North from the previously named area of interest, you’ll spot a road going above a small river. This is where you’ll find a bridge, and north of it a waterfall and a time breach.

No. 3

ESO Summerset Eastmarch Breach Locations Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest

The last Eastmarch seal location happens to be at the end of a small river southeast of Fort Amol, in the southwestern part of the map. There is a closer place of interest called Darkwater Crossing, northeast of it. Panning your view toward this area will allow you to spot a large and wide river. Head toward its southern part. You’ll be able to spot a rather tall waterfall from the distance, and the seal breach near where it ends.

Rift Time Breach Locations


ESO Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest Rift Time Breach Locations

The first Rift seal breach is in the far northwest of the map. This is where Pinepeak Cavern, Shroud Hearth Barrow dungeon and Ivarstead are. The closest wayshrine is Geirmund’s Hall. Once in this area, just follow the ascending mountain path. At the end of it, there is a wooden barricade and the time breach you can seal.

No. 5

ESO Rift Time Breach Locations Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest

The next one is northeast from the previous one, at the northernmost part of a long river, east from Ragged Hills Dolmen, near the entrance to the Snapleg Cave dungeon. Near the end of the same river, there is a small wooden bridge that leads into the dungeon. You’ll find the second time breach close to it, next to some pine trees.

No. 6

ESO Rift Seal Breach Location Breaches of Frost and Fire Quest

The final Rift time breach is in the northeastern part of the map. It is east from Stony Basin Dolmen, southwest from Troll Cave, northeast from Fort Greenwall, with Fallowstone Hall being the closest wayshrine to the northwest. The breach is north from the Fort Greeenwall wall, near the mountain and a tree.

Stonefalls Time Breach Locations

No. 7

ESO Stonefalls Seal Breach Location Frost and Fire Quest

The first Stonefalls seal breach is a bit west from Ebonheart and Vivec’s Antlers world boss, east from Sulfur Pools Wayshrine. Head east from this wayshrine, and find a sharp, ascending, rocky mountain peak. Head toward its top, until you spot the time breach on one of the peaks.

No. 8

ESO Summerset Stonefalls Breach Location Frost and Fire Quest

The southern one is in the southern parts of Stonefalls, close to the Armature’s Upheaval crafting station, west from Brothers of Strife Wayshrine. The two large stone giants dominate the zone. The time breach is north from them, near the start of the waterfall.

No. 9

ESO Stonefalls Time Breach Location Frost and Fire Quest

The final one is west from the town of Senie, located in eastern Stonefalls. This is a place full of lava rivers. If you follow the one that crosses the road in the south, it will take you near the mountain, where two of them make two orange waterfalls. This is where your goal, the final time breach, is.

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  1. Krysha Green

    I dont know if its been mentioned yet but there is two #6 on the map. I definitely got thrown off by this. I had to go back through and check all of them again before i realized that I had missed it.

  2. Gloria Viano

    Followed your directions and #3 and #9 indicated I already acquired them but I did not.. Is this a glitch?

    1. Lokesh Post author

      I didn’t have this problem. Looking for this specific bug, I’ve found some people on the official forums with the same issue. They had to reset the quest.

        1. Lokesh Post author

          Here’s something I’ve found from their forums.

          Step 1. Log completely out of the game for at least 15 minutes. This performs a soft reset and loads your character into a new game instance, refreshing your surroundings, which will allow the missing quest item to appear correctly to your character. If this fails to work, try Step 2.

          Step 2. Abandon the quest and re-start it. This will allow the environment to reset and allow the game to respawn the missing object.

          The forum mod also suggest you should contact customer support if you still have this issue after these steps.


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