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The Banished Cells Dungeon Playthrough

During the February beta session we managed to go through level 12-15 dungeon called The Banished Cells. Dungeon is located in Auridon and has 5 bosses. I took a video of one of our run-throughs for our own collection, because at the time the NDA was still in place, but now that the NDA has lifted we decided to add some commentary and share it with the world. We didn’t manage to finish the whole instance due to one of the group members leaving before the last boss, but you can see what grouping in Elder Scrolls online looks like. We’ll update this post with full HD video and full guide on how to defeat all bosses in this instance. DISCLAIMER: footage bellow was made during a beta weekend and it might differ from what we’ll see at release of the game.

Click here for full strategies and boss abilities