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Upon Timbered Fingers Skyshard

Western Cyrodiil, just northeast of Castle Brindle.

Area where you want to grab this collectible is called Wooden hand Outlook. It is located close to nearby Castle Brindle. There are couple of wrecked stone towers in Wooden Hand Outlook. This area is fill with trees, couple of them area amazing birch specimens. If enemy faction holds Brindle castle, you should be on your toes. If that should not pose enough concern, there are other hostile elements. For example the residents of Wooden Hand Outlook guard this area against any trespasser. Be careful while you are in here. Skyshard we are out for is inside stone wrecked tower, on the first floor. Clear inside tower and proceed over stairs to the collectible.

Wooden Hand Outlook wrecked tower that hides collectible.

Gray Vipers like towers for some reason.

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