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Ruined Spire Peering North To The Tower Skyshard

Southern central Cyrodiil, between Castle Roebeck (to the west) and Castle Alessia (to the east).

On top of the largest tower in Homestead Ruins. You’ll recoginze this tower due to its top being destroyed. There are Homestead creatures defending this area. There are many patrols that can make your life miserable if you do not pay enough attention (or are going on your own). Pressure of battle that may occur at any moment near this location may pose a problem. Despite all the pressure and dangers, rushing toward the shard is not a wise decision. Once you get to the collectible you will probably have the best view in Cyrodiil, since there is a way to climb even above where the shard is. Also, great for spotting enemies 😉

Take your time, don’t rush toward it.

The top of the tower awards you with an amazing view.

Broader view on the collectible’s map location.

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