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Ruin’s Crown Between Three Castles Skyshard

Southern Cyrodiil, between Castle Bloodmayne (to the east) and Castle Black Boot (to the west).

This is one of those skyshards that are far away from main road. Luckily for us, it is in an open area so we are not forced to fight enemies like we are in caves. It is located in the western side of Wenyandawik POI. This area is part of Ayleid Ruins. You can notice them from afar by its distinctive tall stone walls and circular platform that holds a well. This is an Ayleid Well. Upon interacting with this well, you receive a buff – Ayleid Health Bonus – that boosts your Max Health. Next to the main collectible you can find a lorebook “The Last King of the Ayleids”.

View at the Wenyandawik from afar.

Location of our collectible hides a bonus …

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