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Where Bear And Ogre Burrow Skyshard

Western Cyrodiil, just northwest of nearby Castle Brindle.

This collectible is inside Serpent Hollow Cave – public dungeon. Serpent Hollow Cave entrance is east of nearby small lakes. It is on a higher ground. Ogres that populate inside cave have camp outside as well. They are quite unique with their appearance. They also have bears as pets. How cute! Inside cave is much like its outside. It is fill with bears and ogres. Couple of ogres patrols area with their bear pets (I want one!), thus you can easily die if you are not careful. The first room can pose the problem as it is rather small, and you can’t clearly notice the first ogre patrol. This patrol walks between two largest cave rooms. Be extremely careful while pulling bear groups here. You don’t want to pull ogre patrol as well. Bear power attacks are extremely powerful. It should be dodged in any mean necessary.

Skyshard we are out for is inside the last cave room, southeastern part of Serpent Hollow Cave. It stands in water of a nearby waterfall, near a tree. A Tree you say in the cave? Yes a tree. Ogre Bruuke can be found in this cave room. Another Ogre patrol this area. Lorebook The Slave Pits of Coldharbour is just across our collectible, beside a wooden path platform.

The first cave room can be problematic, as you can’t see the first Ogre patrol.

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