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The Black Dagger’s Prize Skyshard

Western Cyrodiil, between Castle Brindle (to the southwest) and Fort Ash (to the northeast).

This collectible is inside Breakneck Cave – public dungeon. There are not many hostile creatures defending entrance to this cave. Couple of dusty paths lead to this point. There are wooden platforms attached to the surrounding rocks. Enemies Black Daggers can be found inside. They come in groups of two. Many of them patrol the area. You can pull one of the group members with range abilities. Skyshard we are looking for is inside the northernmost cave room. It is on the top of a large wooden platform. Do not rush toward it, because many Black Daggers patrol this specific part of the cave. They can easily spot you even if you are out of their sight. If you are close enough, whether they can see you or not, they will still go after you. Take it easy, and clear them out before heading to the level of the platform where the skyshard is hidden. The last Black Dagger stands next to the skyshard, but you can easily defeat him.

Collectible is in the second largest cave room.

Collectible Breakneck Cave map location.

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