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Singing Straw’s Song Skyshard

Southwestern central Cyrodil, between Castle Roebeck (to the east) and Castle Brindle (to the west).

Shard is hidden inside Haynote Cave – public dungeon. Camp outside the cave is full of enemies so be extra careful here. Same Skeletal creatures can be found inside the cave. Even though they come in groups of two and three, you can pull them one by one, without alerting the rest of the group. Collectible is in the last cave room. It stands right next to dungeon’s boss – Diabolist Volcatia. This boss can be hard to solo. She summons a strong melee add, but the most fearsome attack she does is the single target instant magic spell. In order to mitigate this damage you need to burst her down, heal yourself when needed with spells and potions. The most useful spell against her is spell reflect.

Haynote Cave entrance map location.

Zoomed out map view of the entrance.

“Cage room” hides our collectible.

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