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Dune’s Arcane Beacon Skyshard

Northeastern Reaper’s March, inside Dune settlement, east of Dune Wayshrine.

Reach the second floor balcony of Mages Guild house to get this shard. You can’t enter the Mages Guild house if you are not on the quest “The Fires of Dune“, step – Check on the Mages. This is on of the quests in the long chain of main Reaper’s March quests. If you are having problems finding out what quest you need to complete in order to reach this one, we have made a list of quests that lead up to the one that lets you grab the collectible.

  1. The Dark Mane.
    This is the first quest you can accept upon completing the main quest line in Malabal Tor and saving Silvenar.
  2. Grim Situation
    Reaper’s March first quest. It is highly possible that you do not need the previous quest in order to start this one. NPC that gives this quest is called Englor. You can find him on the main road, just south of Fort Grimwatch. This is the main road that takes you north as you enter Reaper’s March from Malabal Tor.
  3. Grimmer Still.
  4. A Door Into Moonlight.
  5. Hallowed To Arenthia.
  6. The Colonian Occupation.
  7. Stonefire Machinations.
  8. To Rawl’kha.
  9. The First Step.
  10. The Path to Moonmont.
  11. Motes in the Moonlight.
  12. To Dune.
  13. The Fires of Dune.
    Final quest that lets you enter the Mages House where the collectible is at.

Collectible on the balcony of Mages Guild second floor . You need to complete the quest “The Fires of Dune” in order to obtain entrance into Mages Guild in Dune Settlement.

One of the hardest skyshards to get to, due to its requirements of completing quests first.

2 thoughts on “Dune’s Arcane Beacon Skyshard

  1. Phil

    FYI, you do not need to do the quests to get this skyshard. There’s a bit of a spiral ramp on the stone, and if you jump on this ramp and very slowly work your way up, you can reach a point that gives you the prompt when you look up.


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