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Growling, Beastly Gladiators Prowl Skyshard

Northern central Reaper’s March, south of the most northern settlement – Arenthia – and its wayshrine.

Found inside Kuna’s Delve solo dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is east of the main road that takes you to Dawnmead Brigand Camp (eye icon – point of interest). There is a small wooden path in front of it. Mobs that you find inside do not come in groups and because of this they are a lot stronger.
As you enter the dungeon, keep following the path to your right. The shard is inside the first large cave room. Quite opposite from this location, in the corner of the cave, is the dungeon boss Limbrender, who gives the appropriate achievement upon being killed.

Find and enter Kuna’s Delve solo dungeon.

Kuna’s Delve entrance map location.

Next to one of the dungeon Trolls.

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