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Awash In Tears Underground Skyshard

Inside Weeping Wind cave solo dungeon, southeastern Reaper’s March, south of Hadran’s Caravan (camp POI), east of Willowgrove Wayshrine.

Enter Weeping Wind Cave solo dungeon to find the shard. Best approach the entrance to this dungeon from west. It is on the west side of a large boulder. This is a level 40 dungeon. Mobs come in packs of two, three.
As you enter the dungeon, follow the path to your left. The shard is located inside the southern cave room. However, if you want to get the Weeping Wind Cave Explorer achievement, you can find the boss, Nimriian, in the northern part of the cave.

Find and enter Weeping Wind Cave solo dungeon.

Collectible is inside southern part of the cave.

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