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Far Beneath A Foul Manor Skyshard

Northwestern Reaper’s March, northwest of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine, inside The Vile Manse – public dungeon.

Entrance of the dungeon are doors of a large mansion. Inside mansion there are cellar doors that take you to the main part of the dungeon.

As you enter the mansion, climb to the second floor and grab quest “The Waking Dreamer” from a Graccus’ Journal Volume II. This quest rewards Discourse Amaranthine – Trophy upon completion. It basically summons a dark eye and blur your screen when you use it. This quest and mission “Song of the Spinner” rewards “Completed: The Vile Manse” acknowledgement upon completion. As you enter The Vile Manse from a cellar door, you can find NPC Melrethel inside one of the cells. Melrethel gives the second quest “Song of the Spinner”.

Inside dungeon you can find many groups of five and more members. They are about level 39. This makes this dungeon perfect for experience and loot farming. As it is in instances like this, you can find large number of stronger boss mobs. They reward with additional loot and experience.

Shard we are after is not inside the first underground The Vile Manse area. It is inside the second underground area. In order to reach it you need to jump into the drop. This gap is in the eastern part of the first underground area. When you do “The Walking Dreamer” quest it eventually takes you to this point. Jumping into this gap – drop, you end up in the second underground dungeon area. Start of this area is inside the huge cave room. From this cave you are suppose to enter small tunnel. Just before you accomplish that, turn east (your right), and walk toward the small dead end. Inside this dead end is our shard.

Find and enter The Vile Manse public dungeon.

The Vile Manse entrance map location.

On the second floor of the mansion grab quest “The Waking Dreamer”…

…and Manse Cellar Key found in a hiding place on the same floor.

Proceed to Cellar door and open them.

As you enter the first underground part of the cave you’ll find NPC Melrethel. Melrethel gives the second dungeon related quest.

Following the main quest takes you to this point where you need to “Take the Drop”. This is where you “enter” the second underground cave room.

“Take the Drop” objective map location.

The second underground cave. Rather epic…

Just as you are about to enter the first small tunnel, turn east and go to the small dead end.

As you approach the dead end corner, you can spot the collectible.

The second underground The Vile Manse collectible map location.

“The Waking Dreamer” quest reward – Discourse Amaranthine – special effect.

4 thoughts on “Far Beneath A Foul Manor Skyshard

  1. Jay

    ‘Just as you are about to enter the first small tunnel, turn east and go to the small dead end.’

    should be west.


  2. Adriana

    Question: I completed the quest but I forgot the shard. I tried going back but I can’t find the hole to jump into. Have I really missed my chance to get the the shard forever???

    1. Serge Post author

      |You don’t have to have the quest to be able to access that area I think. We mentioned the quest just because following it explained the location a bit better.

  3. G. Arbuckle

    No, you don’t have to be doing the quest to find the hole. I missed the shard the first time round and then collected it later.

    Be warned that they’ve added just outside the skyshard area a named dremora, Xevat-golok, with 271k of health. He doesn’t play well with others and the passages are too narrow to dodge him or sneak around. Don’t drag him into the skyshard area with you; it’s like fighting an enraged gorilla in an elevator.


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