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ESO Wants You To Help Inspire Their Newest Emote

Have you always thought something would make an awesome emote for an MMO, only to never see it pop up in a game? Would you be willing to film yourself doing something silly if it won you a chance to get some sweet ESO swag? Well, here’s your chance.

The developers of ESO want you to help come up with their newest emote! All you need to do is take a short film (60 seconds or less) of you showing off your sweet emote moves. If the developers like it enough not only will it be coded into the game, but you will win some cool prizes as well! Those who wish to participate must send their submissions in by the 27th of this month, so hurry up and get those submissions in!

To see the announcement for yourself, as well as a full list of the contest rules, head over to the official ESO page to check them out/

ESO To Be Subscription Based Only

During a recent interview with the website Gamestar  Matt Firor, General Manager of ZeniMax Online, revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online will use a purely subscription based business model and forego any free-to-play options.

When asked why the the studio has chosen to go with this model, despite more recent games being unable to survive on a subscription based game alone, Firor had this to say;

The Elder Scrolls games are all about allowing the player to go where they want, be who they want, and do what they want. We feel that putting pay gates between the player and content at any point in game ruins that feeling of freedom, and just having one small monthly fee for 100% access to the game fits the IP and the game much better than a system where you have to pay for features and access as you play.

A one month subscription to ESO is going to run players $14.99/€12.99/£8.99, though there will likely be discounts for players who purchase more than one month of gameplay at a time.

How do you feel about ESO being subscription based only? Let us know in the comments below.

Elder Scrolls Online PLayable on Playstation 4, Xbox One

Good news for all you console gamers out there, The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be playable on both the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The news came today at E3, along with a new gameplay trailer. Game Director Matt Firor says this is an exciting moment for his team, as a console version of the game has been one of the most frequent requests from players since the game was announced. At this time it is unknown what, if any, changes there will be between the various platforms. This isn’t the first time PC and console gamers have been able to play an MMO together, but hopefully the power and capabilities of the newest generation of consoles will help put them on an even level with the PC version.

Continue reading in order to see the full press release, and let us know what you think about this announcement in the comments section. Are you excited about the chance for console gamers to get in on the fun? Do you think it’s a horrible move? Do you think PC and console gamers will be able to exist in the same game without verbally assaulting each other to death? Let us know! Continue reading

First Beta Invites Sent

Beta Invites First Wave

Among the PAX East 2013 news we got some pretty exciting news from the TESO team. Apparently, they sent out their first wave of beta invites today! In their own words, it is a small wave, so chances are very slim to have been selected among, probably a million, gamers that applied for the beta. Still, this is a big step in MMORPG pre-release schedule and you can almost smell the release being close now. This also means that these waves of beta invites are going to get bigger and more frequent so soon enough a lot of us will be able to taste the game first hand and contribute to making it better.

Source: Official Announcement