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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Keeping the Peace11
The Prismatic Core25Mage/Fighter Guild
Menace On the Ridge15
Theft from the Bog16
Defending Eagle's Watch16
Tracking the Courier13
Proving the Deed33Mage/Fighter Guild
Thieving from Thieves10
Picking Up The Pieces12
A Favor for Aldcroft14
In Pursuit of Gargast16
A Crossroad17
Contract: Armando5
Breaking the News25
The Lost Courier13
Simple Kill Quest17
Ear to the Ground11
New Recruits16
Holding The Line13
Long Lost Lore8Mage/Fighter Guild
Incidental Damage12
New Recruits17
Circus of Cheerful Slaughter25Mage/Fighter Guild
New Recruits17
Warn Sebastien10
Failing Crops17
Plague of Wolves13
A Gracious Welcome16
Lifting the Siege14
A Family Divided15
Putting Down The Dogs16
The Shopkeeper's Son15
The Innkeeper's Kitty13
Freeing the Hands16
Find Werewolf Evidence15
Roche's Prison13
A Worried Warden12
More Important Than Ever12
Rescue Bob30
Welcome to Eagle's Watch16
Peering Into Darkness16
Embracing the Darkness16
On the Tail of a Wolf14
Trouble in Grayborne13
Cadwell's Silver50Main Story
A Warning For Sebastien10
Artifacts of the Mundus10
Kill the Leader30
Trouble at the Mill9
Safe Travel9