Lady Eloise’s Lockbox



Quest Text:
The Red Rook leader, Tharkul, stole Lady Noellaume’s jewelry box. She’s grateful that her family is safe, but she would love to have her lockbox returned to her once she’s safely away from the bandits.

Part of:
Red Rook Camp Objective
First objective:
I promised Lady Noellaume that I would recover her stolen jewelry box and return it to her after she’s safely away from the Red Rook bandits. If I find the Orc named Tharkul, I should find the lockbox.

  • Find the Gilded Lockbox

2 thoughts on “Lady Eloise’s Lockbox

  1. Kevin

    There is a bug with the quest pointed that say that she’s outside at the end of the quest. This is not true, just return where she was when you started her quest (in the house) and you’ll be able to complete it.

  2. MechanicJ420

    Wont Allow Me To Pick Up Box, Glitches And Disconnects Me From Servers. Theres Like 60 Players In There.


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