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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Capture Drakelowe Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Medicinal Herbs50Cyrodiil
Scout Black Boot Lumbermill50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Alessia50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Bloodmayne Lumbermill50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Faregyl50CyrodiilPvP
Kill Enemy Players50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Roebeck50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Fort Warden50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Brindle50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Fort Rayles50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Black Boot50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Fort Glademist50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Castle Bloodmayne50CyrodiilPvP
Cause and Effect50Cyrodiil
Scout Fort Ash50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Warden Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Fort Aleswell50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Rayles Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Fort Dragonclaw50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Glademist Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Chalman Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Ash Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Arrius Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Aleswell Farm50CyrodiilPvP
The High Cost of Travel50Cyrodiil
Scout Kingscrest Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Dragonclaw Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Farragut Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Chalman Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Blue Road Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Arrius Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Scout Drakelowe Keep50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Kingscrest Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Welcome to Cyrodiil50Cyrodiil
Scout Castle Alessia50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Farragut Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Siege Warfare50Cyrodiil
Scout Castle Faregyl50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Blue Road Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Reporting for Duty50Cyrodiil
Scout Castle Roebeck50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Drakelowe Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Best Left Unknown50Cyrodiil
The Lost Novel50Imperial City
Scout Castle Brindle50CyrodiilPvP
Capture Alessia Farm50CyrodiilPvP
Missing in the City50Imperial City