ESO Deshaan Angler achievement guide

As you already know, if you open achievement menu and look under fishing, you will find fishing achievements for that region, which can be completed by catching 12 rare fishes and a unique fish in that area. Before you can start fishing, you need a fishing hole, and baits, but don’t forget that using a wrong bait will increase your failure rate by 50%.

For all of you who have been looking for the best spots for catching rare fishes in Deshaan, we have a small guide made by Herner. After catching 12 rare fishes in Deshaan, you will complete Deshaan Angler achievement. On the map below you’ll find marked locations for different types of water, and a list of fishes that can be caught in the particular type of water.

Lake River Ocean Foul Water
Old Man Gar
Toadstool Tilapia
Cutthroat Trout
Deshaan Chub
Mud Lamprey
Mustard Eel

Deshaan Angler achievement fishing locations

12 thoughts on “ESO Deshaan Angler achievement guide

  1. Yvraine

    I’ve been looking for something like this! Will you be doing all the regions? I’m damned if I can find any salt water at all in Shadowfen…

  2. Herner

    In Shadowfen there is no ocean water bodies, you will find in the other water bodies 4 fishes each. In river and lake 3 green and 1 blue, in Foul water bodies 2 green and 2 blue. Feel free to write down the names and colours of the fish you got and where, maybe they will be mentioned in the guide then too.

  3. Betca

    I went to the foul water spot marked on the west part of map and it is not foul water. Crawlers and fish roe produce used bait there.

  4. Hidanprime

    Since Deshaan only has two foul water locations, you can catch rare foul water fish in other fishing locations:
    Mud Lamprey (Lake)
    Mouthbrooder (River)
    Mustard Eel (Ocean) (I assume, as I haven’t gotten that far yet so I cannot confirm)

  5. Vash747

    In dashaan I never caught a trophy fish out of foul water. I think it is safe to assume you have to catch one out of each other water type.


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