The Oldest Orc


Alik’r Desert

Quest Text:
I discovered an Orc imprisoned in the dungeons below Salas En. He claims to have lived there for centuries, kept alive by Aldmeri enchantment. The stones of his prison glow with mysterious energies.

Starting NPC:

Gurlak is found inside Salas En Lower Ruins. Entrance to it is in the southern part of Salas En POI. Above screenshot shows the map location of the entrance

Reach the last room of Salas En to find Gurlak

First objective:
I promised to free an Orc named Gurlak from his prison beneath Salas En. I’ll have to find some way to dispel the enchantment that holds him in time.

  • Set Gurlak Free
Freeing Gurlak is a puzzle (many have failed resolving according to Gurlak). Too help the poor Orc you need to activate the twelve pressure plates on the floor in a particular order.
The way to solve this puzzle is to look at the interactive panels on the walls of the chamber where Gurlak is. Each has a constellation on it matching the pressure plates on the floor. Each sign on the wall is labeled as the first, second, third and so on season. This tells you the order by which to activate the pressure plates. If you do not want to bother yourself with reading every sign on the wall this was the correct setup in the beta:

  1. Tile of The Ritual
  2. Tile of The Lover
  3. Tile of The Lord
  4. Tile of The Mage
  5. Tile of The Shadow
  6. Tile of The Steed
  7. Tile of The Apprentice
  8. Tile of The Warrior
  9. Tile of The Lady
  10. Tile of The Tower
  11. Tile of The Atronach
  12. Tile of The Thief

Screenshot Walkthrough

As you approach Gurlak you will see he has 12 tiles on the floor all glowing pale blue. You need to depress the tiles in a certain order to free the Orc.

The way to find the correct sequence of depressing the tiles is by looking at the walls of the chamber with the same constellations as the ones on the floor tiles.

Once you interact with the wall tiles you will get the information about which Constellation presents the first, second, third and so on, Season. This tells you the sequence by which you need to depress the floor tiles.

As seen on the previous screenshot The Ritual is the First Season so approach The Ritual tile on the floor and interact with it.

Keep looking at the wall tiles …

Watch the custscene if you have some time to spare.

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