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A River View On Muth Gnarr’s Outskirts Skyshard

Southern Deshaan, between Hlaanii’s Howel (the eye icon) and Muth Gnaar (the house icon). The closest wayshrine is Muth Gnarr Wayshrine.

Teleport to Muth Gnarr Wayshrine and head southeast. Follow the road to avoid Muth Gnaar, since it’s crowded with hostile NPCs. Leave the road when it turns east, and there you can check your map and notice a small, dotted, road leading southeast. Follow that path and it will lead you to a building on a hill, overlooking a river. Go around that building (Andaren House) and you will see this skyshard next to a big tree.

The area where this collectible is located.

Behind a building, next to a tree.

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