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Amidst Howling Winds And Restless Tombs Skyshard

Achievement: Upper Craglorn Skyshards.
Found in dungeon delve – The Howling Sepulchers, northeastern Craglorn.

Soloable: Yes (there are not enemy groups near shard, but you have to reach it).
Shard inside Howling Sepulchers dungeon delve is on a rock just above the first wooden bridge. Its location is really close to an entrance/exit. This fact doesn’t help us at all as we need to go around the dungeon, crossing three bridges in order to reach its location. As it happens there are many groups on this road, expect lots of troubles.

The Howling Sepuclhers Entrance…

First bridge is just ahead from the entrance.

Turn left when you cross it. From this location you can spot another wooden bridge in the distance that you should cross over.

We are now in the small cave with only one mob. Veteran Rank 13 Rosathild. Head east and exit the cave.

We are now on the third wooden bridge. From here we have a nice view toward the delve entrance and other bridges.

Following path in eastern part of the delve takes us to the last cave passage…

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