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At A Camp Across A Narrow Plank Walkway Skyshard

To reach this one, you’ll need to make a voyage to the northernmost part of Summerset. It is somewhere between King’s Haven Pass Wayshrine to the south and Veyond Wyte Wayshrine to the north.

The camp mentioned in the name is nowhere to be found at the places of interest, making this the one you’ll most probably miss.

As you find yourself on the northeastern shore of Summerset, you’ll spot a small wooden bridge above you. This is where you should train your sights. If you came from the south, it means you have to travel more to the north, until you reach a part of the shore where you can turn left and climb the hill. Now, go back south and continue up until you spot that wooden plank of a bridge. Carefully walk over it and proceed toward the other side – if you fall down, you’ll have to backtrack quite a bit. At the end of a narrow plank there is a skyshard at a camp.

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