Beautiful Eastmarch

Eastmarch is a zone that Ebonheart Pact members get to visit around level 35. It is very well known to players of the Elder Scrolls series because it is part of the Skyrim map and home to Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak. I am currently playing a Nord Dragonknight and a few days ago I managed to fully complete Eastmarch. After letting my impressions settle for a while I must say that Eastmarch was, for me, by far the best looking land I’ve seen and played through so far in ESO.

I loved the quests as well and some of them were really among the best quest lines in the game and the Elder Scrolls series (for me at least). I also had that great moment when I entered a very important place and said to myself: “I’ve seen this before”. It was a place of power I visited during my adventures in Skyrim (part of the main story there as well) that managed to get stuck in my mind although it has been a while since I played. Bellow are some screenshots of Eastmarch that might better show the beauty of this zone. If roads ever take you towards Skyrim make sure you stop by for a pint (or three) of mead in Eastmarch.

What’s your favorite zone and screenshot so far in ESO?

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