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Behind Disaster-claimed Dunmer Hall Skyshard

Eastern Coldharbour, in vicinity of The Black Forge (Daedric Ruins POI), northeast of Everfull Flagon Wayshrine.

Enter Village of the Lost public dungeon to find the last skyshard. This is a rather large dungeon. Shard is deep inside the dungeon. At the first main crossroads inside the dungeon turn west. Crossroad comes soon after you pass the large building with two portals to Khajiit Ruins and Orc Ruins. Collectible is in a corner of a dead end road. This dead end road forks from the main road just before the main road takes you to the northern part of the dungeon.

Level 45 mobs come in group of five and more in here. They tend to pull nearby groups when they are low health. Be careful not to pull more than one group if you can’t handle them both solo.

Find and enter Village of the Lost – public dungeon.

At the end of the starting platform we jump into the water and keep following the main road.

At the first crossroads turn west and reach the dead end fork of the main road.

Be careful with enemy groups, you don’t want to die here.

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