Beta Screenshots Part 1

Now that the NDA has dropped we can start releasing some of the material that we captured during the beta weekends we participated in. In all honesty, we made these for our own use while playing the game, not expecting to make them publicly available, but now we can share them with the world. I even captured some sweet screenshots as I was preparing content for our Skyshard location database (shots bellow were taken while I was looking for “Adorns Valano’s Terrace Skyshard” in Auridon). This will give you better insight into the world of Tamriel and what it looks like from in-game. We played at 1920×1080 resolution on highest settings and some images have been edited to remove the interface for use as wallpapers. The game has a very distinct feel, not seen in other MMORPGs (but familiar to players of Elder Scroll games). Let us know what you think and we’ll try and release more screenshots. Please keep in mind that all of these were taken during the beta so the end product might look even better.

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