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By The Dragon’s Belly Skyshard

Dragon’s Belly is a crafting site located in the northwestern part of Western Skyrim. There is a larger cluster of places of interest around here. Just to the southeast, you can find the Dragon Bridge settlement, the Deepwood Tale Wayshrine, the Deepwood giant camp; to the southwest, there is the Mor Khazgur mine and its Wayshrine. On top of all that, there is yet another place of interest just next to this crafting site. It is Lendoran Ruin striking locale, where you actually find the shard.

To reach the exact location of the skyshard, you’ll need to enter the Lendoran Ruin, use its many stairs, and climb the walls on its northern side. There, on the edge of the walls of this Nordic ruin, next to the Cheeses of Skyrim: Haafinger book is what we have been looking for.

Looking at this location from the nearby main road, especially from the top of the gap above Dragon’s Belly, one can not help but hold their breath and soak in its beauty. Especially during a clearday, without any snow storms, you can notice that this place has some special value to its present or past residents. It is like layers of crafted history, that start with a crafting station, which is, at its lowest point, inside a gap. This is where you can craft a five-set piece called Dragon’s Appetite Set. It gives weapon and stamina recovery and its 5-set piece bonus: increasing your damage done to Bleeding enemies by a set amount. Dealing non-bleed damage to Bleeding enemies generates a persistent stack of Dragon’s Appetite, up to once per second. After 10 stacks, you consume Dragon’s Appetite and heal for a set amount.

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