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Crocs Claimed A Meal In The Sunder Skyshard

Southeastern central Grahtwood, just southeast of Elden Root.

Found inside Root Sunder Ruins public dungeon. Entrance to this dungeon is in the center of large stone Ayleid Ruins. Female NPC Tandare that sits next to a campfire nearby, gives the quest “if the Dead Could Talk“. This quest can be done inside the dungeon. In northern part of the most southern cave room you can start another Root Sunder quest. Ghost NPC Sirdor gives the quest “Forgotten Soul“. Upon completion, he rewards you with Token of Root Sunder. This trophy, when used, makes you shine green. This is the best Grahtwood dungeon for leveling. What makes it unique are large groups of mobs. Creatures come in groups of 4-6. They reward a good amount of experience and loot. This is one of the dungeons you want to farm your level at if you are not too fond of questing.

Shard is found inside the most southwestern part of the cave, between the cave wall and a stone pillar. Inside this room you can find dead Researcher Ruurifin. He holds Ruurifin’s Journal that is needed for the quest “If the Dead Could Talk”.

Find the entrance into Root Sunder Ruins public dungeon.

Collectible is inside the southwestern cave room.

Root Sunder Ruins collectible map location.

Token of Root Sunder trophy effect glow.

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