Early Access Has Begun!

After years in the making Elder Scrolls Online has opened its gates for players to create their permanently available characters. MMORPG gamers have been waiting for this day a long time. Elder Scrolls is one of the most loved RPG franchises in the world and adding a massive dimension to it was a long time dream. Today is the day that dream becomes true for many. Good Luck and Have Fun and see you in game.

One thought on “Early Access Has Begun!

  1. Zegarelix

    Surprisingly smooth launch. Logged on before 10 AM EDT, stayed 10 hours, not a single hiccup. Client loads fast, quick login, no visible slowdowns when on. Frankly, that’s what I was hoping for from Bethesda, whom I consider the #1 developer in the field 🙂 Still, congrats!


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