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Entombed In The Orchard Skyshard

Northwestern central Coldharbour, west of Cynhamoth’s Grove (group boss POI), west of The Orchard Waysrhine.

Found inside Mal Sorra’s Tomb solo dungeon that you can’t approach from south since there is a large gap in the ground. Just before the entrance to the dungeon you can collect the lorebook “Protocols of the Court of Contempt”.

Once you enter the dungeon head left. Keep following the cave wall to your right. After couple of steps turn hard right. There is a small cave dead end. Our shard is here.

Note: In order to reach this part of the map you need to complete the main quest “The Army of Meridia”.

Find and enter Mal Sorra’s Tomb – solo dungeon.

When you enter Mal Sorra’s Tomb solo dungeon turn left.

Mal Sorra’s Tomb collectible map location.

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