ESO Craglorn Beta Skill Calculator (patch 1.1)

Elder Scrolls patch 1.1 that will introduce a new zone Craglorn is currently in beta testing on the Public Test Server (PTS). Patch introduces a lot of bug fixes and changes to current skills. We wanted to give a picture of what the players can expect with this patch by providing you with a skill calculator for all classes with updated skill numbers/descriptions. Bellow you will find the skill calculator to help you browse through updated skills (click on the buttons to see the calculator for different classes), but we also compiled a list of changes we manged to see while building the calculator. We couldn’t gather all the changes so best use our live ESO skill calculator in parallel with the one bellow to see all the changes for yourself. Let us know what you think about the changes in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

NOTE: These changes are in BETA testing. All of this is just preliminary and might change by the time the patch goes live. Do not take these for granted. These are here just for the community to analyze.
NOTE 2: All skill values in the calculator are calculated based on the following character values: 500 Magicka, 500 Stamina, 30 Weapon damage, 30 Spell damage.

Skill changelog is bellow the calculator so scroll down the page to read the changes


Patch 1.1 Beta Skill Changelog

General changes

Lot of descriptions now have “to target” added to clarify who the damage is getting applied to.
Following have been renamed:
Weapon Power => Weapon Damage
Spell Power => Spell Damage
Health regeneration => Health Recovery


Razor Armor (changed description – possible bug)
Inhale, Deep Breath, Draw Essence (nerf? changed “Absorbs x Health from each nearby enemy” to “Absorbs x Health from up to 3 nearby enemies.”)
Flames of Oblivion (changed description)
Draconic Power -> Choking Talons (enemy damage reduced for less)
Ardent Flame -> Burning Breath (increased damage)


Solar Barrage (changed description)
Solar Prison (fixed description)
Repentance (changed description)
Remembrance (changed from “Allies take x less damage while you channel” to “When effect ends, allies take x less damage for y”)
Dawn’s Wrath -> Sun Fire, Vampire’s Bane, Reflective Light (reduced snare duration)
Restoring Light -> Ritual of Rebirth (increased self heal)
Restoring Light -> Rite of Passage, Practiced Incantation (increased heal)


Dark Exchange, Dark Deal, Dark Conversion (changed description)
Bolt Escape, Streak, Ball of Lightning (new effect – “Magicka regeneration is haulted for x”)


Malefic Wreath (changed description – more clear now)
Incapacitate (buff – “Every 10th weapon attack immobilizes enemy…” changed to “Every 7th weapon attack immobilizes enemy…”)
Sap Essence (new effect – “Deal x to nerby enemies.”)
Shadow -> Dark Shades (reduced shades damage reduction)


Two Handed -> Cleave (increased damage)
Bow -> Bombard (reduced snare duration)
Destruction Staff -> Destructive Touch (increased damage)
Destruction Staff -> Destructive Clench (increased damage)
Destruction Staff -> Destructive Reach (increased damage)
One Hand and Shield -> Crippling Slash (increased snare duration)
One Hand and Shield -> Reverberating Bash (effect duration increased)
One Hand and Shield -> Power Slam (effect duration increased)
Destruction Staff -> Elemental Drain (less Magicka restored (nerf))
Destruction Staff -> Wall of Elements, Unstable Wall of Elements, Elemental Blockade (increased duration)
Mages Guild -> Entropy, Degeneration, Structured Entropy (increased damage)
Undaunted -> Inner Fire, Inner Rage, Inner Beast (shorter duration)
Restoring Light -> Master Ritualist (reduced res speed)
Two Handed -> Battle Rush (reduced stamina regeneration, increased duration)
One Hand and Shield -> Deadly Bash (decreased stamina reduction)
Destruction Staff -> Tri Focus (increased splash damage)
Destruction Staff -> Force Shock, Crushing Shock (increased fire/cold/shock damage)

Alliance War

Tactician (changed description)
Support -> Battle Resurrection (reduced res speed)


Potency Improvement (changed description from “Allows the use of Cura and Kude Potency Runestones to make Glyphs of Veteran Rank 8.” to “Allows the use of Cura and Kude Potency Runestones to make Glyphs of Veteran Ranks 10-14.” (changes to other ranks as well))

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