ESO PvP video preview

A week ago members of the Press shared with TESO fans the first impressions about all PvE features. Today, prepare for a new series of videos addressing PvP features like siege weapons, fast travel, storming keeps, and much more. The first preview comes courtesy of IGN, who unveiled Cyrodiil secrets.

One thought on “ESO PvP video preview

  1. Zerokuni

    I think that PvP in ESO is too large. The amount of people are too much. The necessity for Lumber Mills (etc) is too much and takes away a lot of the actual PvP (fighting with your character versus other players). I like objective PvP like ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘Hold the base(s)’. I like to be able to get in 1v1-5v5 situations where you as a player have a big influence on the outcome of the fight. Your influence is much lower when you fight 50v50 and it come down to a lot of AoE abilities.


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