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Granted Safe Haven By The Mages Skyshard

Inside Haven settlement, southeastern Grahtwood, just east of Mages Guild house.

Haven is the first settlement you reach after you leave Auridon. As you reach this area for the first time, you can notice a lot of enemies in Haven. In order to clear them up, you need to progress the quest “Unsafe Haven”. This, however, doesn’t affect the ability to collect the shard. As you arrive in Grahtwood from Auridon, you find yourself in southeastern Haven. You want to reach northwestern Haven for the collectible. It is on the ground, close to the eastern wall of what is supposed to be the Mages Guild house.

Close to the eastern wall of the most northern house in Haven.

On the ground, next to a couple of wooden barrels.

Zoomed out map view of the location.

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