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High Above The Heart Of Sunhold Skyshard

Sunhold is a public dungeon in southwest Summerset. The fastest way to get there is to travel south from Shimmerene and follow the only road south, and toward the west. There are three wayshrines on your way down there, and the closest one is the Sunhold Wayshrine. Following the road, you’ll eventually pass the bridge and reach the entrance of the delve. This is the largest dungeon on the island, and it’s hard to miss.

The southern city of Sunhold serves as the home port of Summerset’s famed Dominion Navy. But with the High Elven fleets over the horizon fighting the Alliance War, Sunhold remains virtually unprotected.

As you enter the dungeon, pan your view toward the northwestern part of the city. There are two roads crossing each other. This is our goal, more specifically, the road that goes above the other one. To climb on it, you should aim for the road on the western part of the town. However, this is not that easy to perform if you are there solo. The large number of enemies, their abilities to root and stun, and the narrow roads, make this the toughest shard to reach.

When you reach this path, the one that forms an overpass, you should be careful about the two patrolling groups. Try to survive by beating one, or using whatever is at your disposal to avoid losing a filled shard. Once you are out of danger, pick up the Sunhold Skyshard, and enjoy the look from this peak. It is worth it.

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