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In A Cart Among Rimmen’s Canes Skyshard

The Rimmen mentioned in the title is a town in the northeastern part of Elsweyr. It is the largest non-hostile town on the map, and beside its Wayshrine, you can find the new player housing called Hall of the Lunar Champion. There is a huge aqueduct beside it, but in all honesty, it would be hard to miss this place even without the map, due to its size.

Rimmen’s cane fields are scattered in front of the town’s western entrance. These fields are full of small ponds that we think serve as a nurturing ground for the canes. If you approach the town from the west, look toward the north on your way up. There, in the distance, you’ll notice a tall tree. Head toward this tree. As you come closer, you’ll also spot a small camp with a white rooftop and a cart. This is the cart mentioned in the title of the skyshard. A few more steps toward the tree, and the shard’s beam becomes visible, and it can become the guiding star for the rest of the journey. Citizens of Rimmen built those walls a bit further from the edges of a hill, the same one that hides a stunning view of the surroundings. Maybe it was meant as a reward for those hard-working cane farmers. Either way, it’s one more memorable place in the Elder Scrolls Online world, that tells a story without making you read a book.

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