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In A Lair Of Metal Spiders Skyshard

Achievement: Lower Craglorn Skyshards.
Inside the Rkundzelft dungeon, eastern Craglorn. Northeast of Ogondar’s Winery, east of Spellscar Wayshrine, south-southwest of Lake of Teeth, northeast of Belkarth.

Start in Belkarth and follow the road going east. After you pass Ogondar’s Windery, get off the road and head northeast until you reach the dungeon entrance. Inside, you have to deal with all kind of dwemer constructs. The skyshard is on the stairs, to the right, just as you exit from the northern hallway leading out of the easternmost room in the dungeon.

Dungeon entrance on the world map.

Fear of the dark… room, full of metal spiders.

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