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In The Caverns Of Tor-Hame-Khard Skyshard

Tor-Hame-Khard is a solo dungeon found in the eastern central part of the main Summerset Island. It is just southwest from the Shimmerene town and its wayshrine, south from the Indrik Frolic world boss.

If you zoom in the map on this part of Summerset, you’ll notice there is a dead end road, following the river towards the mountain. It comes out of the circular path. If you follow this exact same path, toward the mountains, at one point you’ll notice some grand ruins, with a lot of stone pillars. The entrance to the solo dungeon is on the second floor, just past three of the fire braziers. There is a Captain Telomure quest giver at the door, giving you some extra experience points upon completion.

In Aldmeric, the name means Warlord’s Mountain Lair, as these vast halls were originally built in the early First Era for the legendary Prime Battlereeve Fiirfarya. One morning the estate’s entire populace was found slaughtered, and thereafter the site was abandoned.

The layout of the Tor-Hame-Khard dungeon can be a bit confusing at times. Our goal is to reach the southern part of the area, where the tunnels are. To do so, without too much wandering, keep to your right as you go inside the dungeon, until you reach the second floor. From there, you should continue toward the southeastern part, where the tunnels start. You can spot it from afar by its unusual shape that stands out from the rest of the dungeon. Go through this entrance, and head to the second large room. If you keep an eye on your right, you can spot the Tor-Hame-Khard Skyshard in the northern corner of the cave room, just next to the strange rock formation.

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