Izad’s Treasure


Stros M’Kai

Quest Text:
I dug up a chest by the shipwreck near Saintsport. It contained a shovel and directions written by a Captain Izad. It supposedly contains clues to a treasure buried on Stros M’Kai.

First objective:
I should read the letter from the buried chest.

  • Read the Sealed Letter
This quest takes you on a very interesting treasure hunt. You need to follow the directions and solve several puzzles on your way to finding the loot. Screenshot guide bellow will help you every step of the way.

Screenshot Walkthrough

Captain Izad’s instructions on how to find the treasure.

Objective 1.

Find the Start of the Trail

You need to stand on top of Saintsport’s Star. This is in fact a lighthouse north of Saintsport’s village.

Objective 2.

Find the Warrior

Quest hint says that he is “NW of the Shrine Past the Eternal Sentinel’s Gate”. Shrine, refereed to in the hint, is actually the Port Hunding Wayshrine just west of the city. Walk NW of it and you will find the warrior.

Objective 3.

Walk 45 Paces South fro the Statue

Just go straight south and you should get the next objective as you reach the road out of Port Hunding

Map location of where 45 steps south take you.

Objective 4.

Find the Island of Iron Faces

In-game hint says that “The Leftward Palms Frame the Sight”. From the road you are on go towards the water. If you look at the map you will see three little islands in the Port Hunding’s bay. You need to get to the middle one

Objective 5.

Find the Stone Ship

Hint for this step is a bit vague, but basically you need to find a rock formation seen on the screenshot above. The way you would do this is follow the imaginary line that a rock on the island is pointing toward (keeping in mind that the line needs to go through the broken ship in the distance)

Objective 6.

Dig Beneath the Leaves in the Ship’s Port

Standing on the stone ship and looking at its port you will see a few palm trees in the distance. Good a place as any to start digging.

(disclaimer: this was the reward during the beta – things might have changed by launch)

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  1. Agustus Platorius

    The new reward is Gold and Izad’s Treasure (A magicka restoring amulet) – I have a screen shot.


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