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Meddling Imperials Disrupt The Wheel Skyshard

Found inside Razak’s Wheel public dungeon. Razak’s Wheel is full of level 40 mobs that come in groups of 5 or 6 members. There are epic bosses scattered all over so bringing a friend or two along will make this a much easier endeavor. Collectible is so well hidden behind some Dwemer machinery that I found it by pure luck. It is the room with Rkurdamz mini boss. Just check out the dungeon map screenshot to find it and make your life easier.

Skyshard is behind this piece of Dwemer machinery. You can’t see is shine until you go all the way behind that machine.

This is how well hidden the shard is.

Exact location of the collectible on Razak’s Wheel map. Player location marks the shard’s location. Marked on the big map of Bangkorai is the entrance to the public dungeon.

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