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Near An Angler’s Favorite Fishing Spot In Wasten Coraldale Skyshard

Wasten Coraldale is a solo dungeon, found at the western shores of Summerset, north from Alinor, west from Alinor Docks, Cey-Tarn Keep and its Wayshrine.

Wasten Coraldale doesn’t have your typical delve entrance. Instead of the boring wooden doors, this time you’ll have to use a small boat on the shore. It is the only one close to the long dock, and it’s hard to miss. There is a Hiranesse NPC next to it, and she offers a delve related quest as well. Get to the boat, and press the appropriate button to travel to the island.

The offshore island of Wasten Coraldale – or Coridale, as the fisher folk call it – contains a wild honeycomb of tunnels and fertile grottoes where sea creatures of all sorts spawn and thrive. It’s heavily fished for that reason, despite its many dangers.

Once inside the delve, you’ll want to leave the starting tunnel. Keep going until you “see” the light. This is where you’ll spot a large ship in the distance. Keep going toward your left, until you reach the shore. At the corner of the beach, among many trees, close to the mountain edge, is where the Wasten Coraldale Skyshard lies.

Near an angler’s favorite fishing spot in Wasten Coraldale

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