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Near Contested Holy Ruins Skyshard

The contested holy ruins we are after are in the Contested Point are. If you’re missing this shard, you should go to the Temple District, in the south of Imperial City.

The exact spot in the Temple District you should go to is in the northern part of this section. It is really close to the Caption Point of this district. If it is contested, the enemies that guard it will attack you from a distance. This would be a hard to obtain shard if they were more persistent. As soon as you jump toward it, they’ll stop doing it. I don’t know if this is because this area is lower than the bridge the enemies are defending, but I’ll take it anyway.

While in this area, you’ll spot the large stairs that lead to the center of the Imperial City. Just next to them, among the rubble of the ruins, is the main prize.

There are no crafting stations in the district. You’ll only find the Monstrous Tooth Vault and the sewers entrance here.

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