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Near The River, Disentangled Skyshard

Central Malabal Tor, southwest of Vulkwasten settlement and its wayshrine. Southeast of Hoarvor Pit – public dungeon.

This shard is found on northern shore of a river that goes through northern Tanglehaven. It is close to a tall cliff. This cliff separates the main road to the north from this river. You can rather carefully jump from this road toward the shard. Try to be cautious as much as you can though. Death by falling from high altitude still damages your gear and increases your repair bills. It is less likely to incur repair bills if you approach it from south and cross the river from there.

Jumping on cliffs southeast of Hoarvor Pit can take you to this position, just above the collectible.

Standing on northern coast of Tanglehaven POI you have a clear view of the collectible.

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