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Not Invited Into The Plotting Wives’ Home Skyshard

Northern Coldharbour, in vicinity of POIs like Risen Court (Group Boss POI) and The Manor of Revelry (Daedric Ruins POI). Northeast of nearby Manor of Revelry Wayshrine.

Skyshard can be found inside the temple ruins. Follow the main road and it will take you to this locationn. NPC Fatahala, that stands at the last crossroads before the Manor of Revelry, gives the quest “What the Heart Wants”.

Note: In order to reach this part of the map you need to complete the main quest “The Army of Meridia”. After “The Army of Meridia” you can get the quest that unlocks the entrance to this area of northern Hollow City.

Collectible is inside the ruins, close to one of the ruined stone temple walls.

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