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On An Orbit Of The Storm Sphere’s Home Skyshard

Western Malab Tor, just west of The Warrior mundus stone. Northwest of Illayas Ruins Wayshrine.

This shard is overlooking the northeastern Velyn Harbor, which is in ruins. There are many burned down houses. You can’t, however, approach this shard from this location. This is because there is a long rock wall that separates this part of Velyn Harbor from nearby Illayas Ruins. This is why we head to Illayas Ruins first. On its western side, walking toward The Warrior mundus stone, you can spot this shard in the distance. It stands near a ruined white stone wall of nearby ruins, overlooking Velyn Harbor.

In western Illayas Ruins, northwest of its wayshrine, on a path toward The Warrior mundus shrine.

Overlooking ruined northeastern Velyn Harbor.

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