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On An Outcropping Overlooking A Grisly Scene Skyshard

To find it, go to the northeastern part of the main island, northeast from the Hanud Tower area of interest, southeast from Tel Mora Wayshrine.

There is a rather huge island located here. Head toward it from the west side. If you approach it from the east side, you’ll spot the shard easily, but the route toward it is blocked. You’ll need to go to the island’s western side.

Once in the center of the island, you’ll find yourself among the ruins. Look out for a large tree, just east from the ruins. Next to this tree, there is a narrow passage that leads to a small campfire. The skyshard is below this mark, on a small boulder. Jump toward it, but try not to fall down.

If you look down from this location, you can spot a rather menacing scene. This is where the name might come from – rather disappointing, considering the names of other Vvardenfell shards.

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