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Overlooking A Sun Kissed Path In Eton Nir Grotto Skyshard

Eton Nir Grotto is a solo dungeon, positioned in the northeastern part of Summerset. It is somewhere between Eldbur Ruins and its Wayshrine to the south, and King’s Haven pass and its Wayshrine to the north.

The entrance to the Elon Nir Grotto is a bit west from the road in this part of the map, a bit closer to the Cloudrest trail. Make a small detour from the road toward the mountain, and you’ll find it. It is well hidden, in a small mountain range hole, behind some wooden planks and vines.

The gleaming city of Cloudrest crowns the Eton Nir massif, the greatest mountain on Summerset Isle. But dark rumors say the mountain’s greatest treasures lie hidden in the caves beneath its stony foundations.

Once inside the dungeon, you’ll notice there are many holes in the ceiling, letting that sun shine upon parts of the cave. The one part we are after, is located in the western area of the cave. There is a small room between the ones on the north and south. Head there, and soon enough, you’ll see the area overlooking a sun kissed path and a Skyshard. Although there are many places like this, this kind of scenery always astounds me.

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