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Overlooking The Buzzing Hives Of Merryvale Farms Skyshard

Merryvale Farms are the only place of interest of this type in Elsweyr. It doesn’t mean that the region’s residents dislike working a field, just that this is the only famous one. There is one near the town of Rimmen, but that is another story. Merryvale Farms is in the southern part of Elsweyr, west from the Red Hands Run group boss, northeast from the entrance to Trial: Sunspire, west from Two Moons at Tenmar Temple and its Wayshrine.

All the places of interest on this southern road are either at or just next to the main path. This includes Merryvale Farms, which is in a valley filled with large ponds. A decent place to grow the needed cultures. Due to its grand beauty, it feels like this place has been here for a long time. The beautiful rooftops, magnificent bridge, and fenced fields make the workers enjoy their work.

If you approach Merryvale Farms from the east, you can spot an undocumented path that leads south, uphill towards the Fragrant Moons Plantation gate. This is the highest point of the Farm so it’s not hard to spot from afar. There is a large barn-looking building next to the road. As you get close to the Fragrant Moons Plantation gate, turn right and head west. There is a small gap and a path a bit further on to your left. Go through it and jump on the rocks. The skyshard is at the end of this rocky plateau. The buzzing hives mentioned in the title are just underneath it – there’s a way to reach it through there as well, but with more of a climbing challenge.

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